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Q&A for Wise Participation of Conference

Q1: What kind of business conference should I participate in?
A1: Given the fact that there are a large number of business conferences existing today and among which good and bad ones are mixed up, this question is pretty challenging. In general, PTP International advises you to choose the conference matching the development plan and other strategic goals of your enterprise. This will help you to expand your business interpersonal network, accumulate high quality resources and to grasp the most up-to-date industry trends, thus to form your future decisions. At present, how to choose a valuable conference and reach the expected goals after spending time and money in it may be a completely new subject for high-level decision makers. As the renowned conference sponsor in this field, CDMC boasts a professional and high-quality consultant team and is more than happy to provide free consultations and helps to you.

Q2: How can I judge whether a conference is valuable or not?
A2: According to PTP International’s rich experiences over the years, before choosing to participate in a conference, you have to be clear about the following questions:
l Does the theme of the conference cover the products/services that you are engaged in?
l Does the region that the conference aimed at cover your target market?
l Are the conference participants (e.g. lecturers, participants and so on) important in the industry? Are you interested in them? 
l Will this conference allow you to get into contact with your existing and/or new target groups? Besides, you can also ask the conference sponsors to provide the following information:
l The nature of the conference—— For example, is it a national, regional or international conference?
l Information about the conference itself—— For example, which session, the venue and information about the former sessions? etc.
l Information about the conference participants—— For example, what kind of company representatives, media and lectuers will attend the conference?  etc.
l Contents of the conference—— For example, is there a personal appointment, group discussion, site interaction/exhibition booth or a cocktail party in this conference?  etc.
Q3: How to choose a competent conference sponsor?
A3: Regarding this question, people vary in their perspectives and contents of attention. The following are some criteria provided by PTP International’s senior industry consultants for your reference when making choice.
l Whether there is a high-quality professional team in charge of the conference development planning, marketing and conference affairs arrangement.
l Whether the sponsor has always been specialized in the research of your industry and has once successfully held a similar conference (an international one would be perfect).
l Whether the various conferences held by this sponsor are well-received in the fields involved and whether it has a profound historical deposit or not.
l Will your rivals pay attention to and attend this conference? If the answer is “yes”, you should pay special attention.
l Carefully analyze and examine the correspondent information (such as the announced distinguished guest list, attendant media and VIP standard, etc.). If it permits, you are advised to collect this information from as many channels as possible.
l Whether the geographical region served by this conference matches your current or future marking needs.
l Investigate the relevant information about the host-city, for example, whether a specialized and comfortable conference hotel is available there——You should know that this will directly affect you mood while participating in the conference to a large extent.
l If possible, it is advisable for you to make a spot investigation about the work environment, department division, and staff scale of the sponsor. You should know that “backstage” is usually synonymous with “truth” and “mystery” in the Chinese culture.

Q4: This is my first time to participate in such kind of business conference. How to behave myself well?
A4: In the past seven years, we observed thousands of conference participants and drew a conclusion after analysis that they all have similarities. Maybe you can take this as a standard and will accordingly feel more at home in the conference. The following are some details about conference behaviors for your reference:
  • If the conference is not held in your city, before you go there, you would have to get familiar with the information about the venue (such as its location, the contact information of the hotel and the weather).

Note: As a senior conference sponsor in this industry, PTP International usually provide detailed information about all the information mentioned above by E-mail. Furthermore, we will also offer you a group discount for the hotel.

  • Under usual conditions, please try to arrive at the conference venue 30 minutes in advance so as to guarantee enough time for registration, a little rest and a chance to make new friends.
  • After registration, please ask for a conference schedule from the sponsor and gather information about the speakers or the exhibition booths that you are interested in.

Note: If the conference is sponsored by PTP International, we will insert the schedule into the proceedings of the conference for you to read at any time.

  • After each tea break, you can change seat. At this time, you can introduce yourself to the participants whom you have not spoken to or get to know more about your new friends.
  • During the tea break, you may check the exhibition booths in the conference room, which of course is another chance to make new friends.
  • Under most conditions, the sponsor will organize an interaction between the present representatives and the speakers. However, you are expected to introduce your name before asking questions.
  • Usually two weeks after the meeting, the sponsor will upload the texts of the speech and other relevant information (such as the general introduction to the present representatives) to the correspondent website of the conference. You can check them according to your needs.
  • Please contact the newly made friends in time after the conference so as to deepen you impression on them and conduct further business negotiation.

Q5: If I want to participate more in the conference, how can I enhance my media exposure?
A5: Almost all sponsors are willing to provide you the following opportunities to make you excel among all the conference participants.
Speech Opportunity
You can choose to deliver a 10-20 minutes key-note speech in the conference, which is the most direct and effective way to advertise the concept, business and products of you enterprise. You should know that many successful business cooperations derive from these short speeches.
Sponsorship Opportunity
Under normal conditions, the sponsor will categorize the sponsorship into different classes and names. You can choose freely according to you own needs and budget. For instance, you can choose to sponsor the printed ads in the publication of the exhibition, website, proceedings, name tags, document packs and cocktail party, etc.
Usually, take sponsorship for the conference will apparently enhance the other participants’ perception of your attendance in the exhibition as well as the recognition of you company.
Hereby, we’d like to call your attention to this: to sponsor an influential international conference within the industry represents to a large extent the attention and support of your enterprise to the development of this industry, which is undoubtedly of great help to the establishment of a good enterprise image.
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